MyxxMarket: A New Business to Invest with

I. The Executive Summary

MyxxMarket is a fast growing Multi-Vendor Marketplace that has a dream of becoming the next Amazon & Grab Rival. The goal for now is to surpass the services of the two well known Marketplaces in the Philippines, (Lazada and Shopee) in terms of Operations, Speed on Product Shipping, Sellers Payout, Quantity and Quality of Products , Warehousing and Filtering of Legitimate Vendors. Myxxmarket will have a Marketplace for Products and a Marketplace for Service Providers combined in One App. It visions to establish one Regional Marketplace in each 81 Provinces of the Philippines for the next 3 years, then expand to Asian Countries in 5 years and become Worldwide in 10 Years. Its Unique Value Propositions will be to Prioritize Global Promotion of Regional and Local Products and Services, 24hour 7days a week Operations, Same Day Delivery for Online Shoppers, Same Day Payout to Sellers, Modern Technology of Online Ordering, Huge Warehouse and Locker System for Easy Product Acquisition and Provide Fast and Satisfying Service to people. It will also be different from Competitors because of its Completeness as a Marketplace.

Instead of having one Main Website like with Amazon, Ebay, Shopee and Lazada, MyxxMarket intends to establish one Multi-Vendor Marketplace or Website with Products and Service Providers on each Region of every Country starting from the Philippines. See Philippine Regional Marketplace

Regional Marketplace in each country will have One Separate Website, One Huge Warehouse, Fast Internet Connection, Office & Management Staff, Delivery Vehicles, Gadgets & Equipment, etc.

      Here are the Ways to Generate Income from Operating a Multi-Vendor Marketplace

  • By Selling its own Products on the Platform on each Global Standard Category Stores.
  • Charge a Commision Fee for each sale made on the Marketplace from other Sellers.
  • Charge a small fee on every Service booked on the Marketplace.
  • Monthly or Annual Subscription in exchange of Access, Improved Visibility and Marketing Tools.
  • Invite Third Party Businesses to Advertise their Products or Services on the Plattform.
  • Charge a fee on Warehousing Service where Sellers can store their products on Regional Warehouses.
  • Premium Membership in exchange for being a Priority Customer, Free and Fast Delivery and other benefits.
  • Other Services such as Product Photography, Video Promotion , Graphic Designs, and Account Management.
  • Commisions on Shipping Fee for each Order and Deliver done in the Platform. 

MyxxMarket needs Funding of $1M for each Regional Marketplace to operate. $75M to establish all Marketplace immediately.

Header 1 Header 2 Header 3  
Start up Assets Fund Needed Start Up Assets Fund Needed
Warehouse/Office $3,500/month Warehouse Renovation $10,000
6 Computer + Tables $3,000 Storage Racks $2,000
Internet Subscription $40 Pallet Jacks $200
6 Motorcycle + Registration $5,600 Barcode Scanning Device $1,000
2 Car/Van + Registration  $46,600 Forklift $7,000
2 POS Machines for Inventory $1,200 Loading Dock $1,200
4 CCTV Cameras $300 2 Dslr Cameras $2000
Other Operation Expenses $5,000 Over-All Total $88,640 approx

75  Initial Regional Marketplace to Establish in the Philippines in 2 years.

Note: MyxxMarket has its own Business Investors App where Investors can monitor their investment.

II. Market Analysis

MyxxMarket intends to enter the Marketplace Business Good Competition and take part of the $22Billion to $38Billion Projected Revenue for E-Commerce as stated by Statista Research Department.

    • Revenue in the eCommerce market is projected to reach US$22.95bn in 2023.
    • Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2023-2027) of 13.47%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$38.04bn by 2027.
    • With a projected market volume of US$1,396.00bn in 2023, most revenue is generated in China.
    • In the eCommerce market, the number of users is expected to amount to 60.4m users by 2027.
    • User penetration will be 45.2% in 2023 and is expected to hit 50.5% by 2027.
    • The average revenue per user (ARPU) is expected to amount to US$445.80.

III. Product/Service Line

MyxxMarket will have initial Product Stocks on each Category to sell on its own Online Stores on each Regional Marketplace.

 There will be  25 – 50 %  mark up on each Product’s Manufacturer Price.

Header 1 Header 2 Header 3  
Category Initial Stocks Projected Fund Category Initial Stocks Projected Fund
Grocery Items $100,000 Health & Beauty $25,000
Gadgets & Electronics $25,000 Home & Garden $25,000
Fashion & Lifestyle $25,000 Office Supplies $25,000
Gifts & Souvenirs $25,000 Sports & Outdoors $25,000
Business & Industrial $25,000 Toys & Games $25,000
Vehicles & Parts $25,000 Travel & Tours $25,000
 Total $225,000 Over-All Total $375,000 approx.

Product Marketplace Home Page. Check it here.

    MyxxMarket will invite 5,000 Service Providers to Register in the Marketplace to serve people in each Region.

There will be 5 to 10 percent commission on every service booked on the Marketplace App. 2 USDollar Downpayment required to book a service.

Header 1 Header 2 Header 3  
Service Provider Category Commission Every Service Booked Service Provider Category Commission Every Service Booked
Food Delivery Service 5 percent Professional Services 5 percent
Events Services 5 percent Tutorial Services 5 percent
Home / Office Maintenance 5 percent Digital Services 5 percent
Personal Care Services 5 percent Marketing Services 5 percent
Fitness & Health Services 5 percent Electronic & Gadgets Services 5 percent
Beauty Care Services 5 percent Industrial Services 5 percent
Pet care Services 5 percent Construction Services 5 percent
Helper/Support Services 5 percent Vehicle Maintenance 5 percent
Transportation Services 5 percent Booking Services 5 percent

Service Provider Marketplace Homepage. Check it here.

Below is an example of Myxxmarket’s Built-in Stores in each category listed in each Regional Marketplace.

Individual Store Front Page. Check it here.

IV. Marketing & Sales Strategy

      MyxxMarket will be using 5 Sales Strategies to Sell its Products and Services and Generate Income from it.

  • Traditional Sales Method – which includes face to face promotion, phone calls, email marketing, text messaging, etc.
  • Digital Marketing – which includes promotion on Top Search Engine such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo etc.
  • Social Media Advertising –  which includes running an ads on Facebook, Tiktok, Linkedin, Instagram, Spotify and alike.
  • Partnering with Influencers – which includes approaching trending influencers on Youtube and Tiktok for brand collaboration.
  • Video Content Creation – which includes consistent creation of relevant, entertaining and educational video content.

The  Initial Target Clients will be  5,000 People who will be encouraged to become  a Premium Member and buy from the Marketplace in a Monthly basis of at least $50 worth of goods. This will generate a Monthly Sales of $250,000 at minimum which will be the Target Revenue of each Regional Marketplace every month.

Premium Membership Card

How do we attain these Sales Forecast? Lets do Basic Social Media Marketing Methods.

Regional Marketplace will each have presence on all Social Media Platforms such as. 

Facebook      Instagram     Youtube      Linkedin      Twitter      Tiktok      Pinterest

Each will also be Registered in Google Business and Bing Business Listing and will have Merchant Account for easy Advertising.

Here’s an example of a Regional Marketplace Presence on Social Media. Check it Here.

Should also have a Verified Google Business Page like this. Check it here. and should appear on google search for specific key word.

IV. Operations

Business Location

As mentioned earlier each Regional Marketplace will acquire or rent a Huge Warehouse enough to store Products of different categories from Sellers. A small space will also be renovated and used as an Office for Management Staff.

Example of Warehouse:

Regional Management Staff Composition

Header 1 Header 2 Header 3  
Job Description Ideal Monthly Compensation Job Description Ideal Monthly Compensation
1 General Manager $1,200 10 Product Assistant/ Shopper $500/each = $5,000
1 Back End Developer $1,000 2 Delivery Car Driver $500/each = $2,000
4 Graphic Artist $500/each = 2,000 8 Motorcycle Rider $500/each = $4.000
1 Marketing Manager $500 2 Security Guard $400/each = $800
1 Accountant $500 2 Maintenance Men $400/each = $800
 Total $4,200 Over-All Total $20,500

Suppliers Directory

The lists of Suppliers of different categories are listed in this Google Sheet.

IV. Financial Projections

Monthly Revenue Projections on Shopping Marketplace

Base on the numbers projected earlier, we can calculate an estimate of future monthly financial performance.

  • 4,000 Ordinary Shopper who will buy at least $40 / month = $160,000 Gross Sales / Month
  • 1,000 Premium Member who will buy at least $50 / Month = $50,000
  • 4% Commision on $10,000 at minimum Vendor Sales / Month = $400
  • $20 Monthly Fee for Warehousing Service from 50 Sellers at least  = $1,000
  • Minimum Payment from Graphic Design and Video Service / month= $1,000
  • Total Monthly Revenue: $212,400 at minimum

Monthly Expense Projections of Shopping Marketplace

  • Warehouse Rent = $3,500
  • Electricity = $500
  • Fuel for Vehicles = $2,500
  • Staff Salary = $20,500
  • Advertising = $1,000
  • Total Expense = $28,000

Monthly Profit Projections on Shopping Marketplace

$212,400Monthly Revenue multiply by .23Average Product Mark Up = $48,852 Gross Profit 

$48,852 Gross Profit less $28,000 Monthly Expense= $20,852 Monthly Net Profit at Minimum

Monthly Revenue Projections on Service Provider Marketplace

  • 4,000 Service Providers who will give 1 USDollar minimum commission each day for 30 days. $120,000 Gross Revenue/Month.

Monthly Expenses of Service Provider Marketplace

  • Website Maintenance = $500
  • Advertising = $1,000
  • Staff Salary = $3,000
  • Office Rent = $500
  • Electricity = $250
  • Total Expense = $5,250

Monthly Profit Projections of Service Provider Marketplace

$120,000 Gross Revenue less $5,250 = $114,750 Monthly Net Profit at minimum


Based on the data provided, the company is projecting a minimum monthly revenue of $20,852 from Shopping Marketplace and $114,750 from Service Provider Marketplace. Therefore , the Projected Total Monthly Income of the 2 Marketplaces will be $135,602

The monthly expenses are projected to be $33,250 which include costs of warehouse rent, electricity, fuel for vehicles, staff salaries, and advertising.

The numbers provided suggest that the company will generate profit if all numbers provided will be achieved. It’s also important to remember that these projections are just estimates and actual results may go higher.